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Practice Questions (2006)

  1. Kate Greenaway was a famous illustrator who lived from 1846-1901. Today we best know her for the Kate Greenaway Medal, which is awarded to the most distinguished work in children's illustrating. What country makes this award?
  2. Who was the uncle who told lots of humorous stories about smaller animals outwitting larger ones? For example in Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby
  3. Who owned a faithful dog called Snowy?
  4. Who is the well-known author of these titles: Hacker, Pig-heart Boy and Noughts and Crosses?
  5. In the picture book Rosie's Walk, what type of creature was Rosie?
  6. The popular Eyewitness Books with their very distinctive format are published by DK Publishing. What do the initials DK stand for?
  7. What was the title of the famous classic by Johanna Spyri?
  8. Who rides through the sky on giant leaves in David Weisner's book Tuesday?
  9. Who is currently the UK Children's Laureate? [2006]
  10. Author Astrid Lindgren wrote about the adventures of a fiercely independent red-headed girl. What was her name?
  11. Who said, "Nibble, nibble, like a mouse, who is nibbling at my house"?
  12. Name the one-word book title starting with the letter S that won its author David Almond both the Carnegie and the Whitbread Children's Book of the Year Award in 1998.
  13. Name this author. She was born in 1897 and died 1968. She was one of the most prolific authors of the twentieth century. She wrote books about fairies and brownies, and tales about enchanted woods and wishing chairs. Perhaps her most famous books were about two groups of children.
  14. Who arrived one boring wet afternoon when Mother was out?
  15. Name the first book in John Marsden's war series.
  16. How many books make up the Narnia series?
  17. Who is the most capable female student, in her year at Hogwarts School?
  18. What was the name of the heroic Collie dog created by Eric Knight?
  19. A limerick has how many lines?
  20. Anna Sewell wrote only one book, about a horse, in 1877 but it became a classic. What was its title?

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