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Practice Questions (2019)

  1. Who spoke the words, ‘curiouser and curiouser!’?
  2. Who was the sadistic and mad witch that caused chaos in the Harry Potter series?
  3. Who opened an unlabelled container out of which poured many evils?
  4. In what book was an automaton able to write the name of the famous French filmmaker Georges Melies?
  5. Who was the girl who owned a treasured umbrella which had a tiny opal bird on the tip of the umbrella and a filigree handle?
  6. Who, when laid on a stone table, cracked it in two?
  7. What creature at the Christmas holiday resort really freaked Greg Heffley out in The Getaway?
  8. What superhero is a web slinger?
  9. How many books in total in The Series of Unfortunate Events?
  10. What animal goes pop?
  11. Which fictional planet was Luke Skywalker from?
  12. MacKenzie Hollister is the most popular girl in what book series?
  13. What supervillain acquired universal powers by means of infinity gems?
  14. What bear is smarter than your average bear?
  15. Who wrote Nelson Mandela’s autobiography Long Walk to Freedom?
  16. What creature told the kids to make the Cat-in-the Hat go away?
  17. Who lived in a cramped little bedroom under the stairs?
  18. What was Dr Watson’s first name?
  19. Who is the wife of the Roman god Jupiter?
  20. What type of book has one page for every day of the year?

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