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Practice Questions and Answers (2007)

  1. What animal scared away hungry animals when he told them about a terrifying Gruffalo? — Mouse
  2. Who was the Deputy Head at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? — Minerva McGonagall
  3. Who had a teacher called Miss Honey? — Matilda
  4. Who was the American author who wrote Hop on Pop and Horton Hatches the Egg? — Dr Seuss
  5. Who was the vegetarian and animal rights activist who suddenly found herself as the Royal Highness of Genovia? — Mia Thermopolis
  6. Because his parents and uncle were dead Jack Starbright was asked to look after whom? — Alex Rider
  7. Who pretended that her mother was a famous Hollywood movie star in a series by Jacqueline Wilson? — Tracy Beaker
  8. Whose uncle was the first to see a beautiful blue polished stone that he had found while hunting in the Spine in the land of Alagaesia? — Eragon
  9. Who disobeyed his mother by going into Mr McGregor's garden? — Peter Rabbit
  10. Who had a mother called Mrs Coulter? — Lyra
  11. In what book did Jim Hawkins find documents and a map for a fabulous treasure that belonged to the infamous pirate Captain Flint? — Treasure Island
  12. Who made tarts all on a summer's day? — The Queen of Hearts
  13. What famous group does Professor Charles Xavier look after? — The X-Men
  14. Who is the popular young adventurous preschool mouse created by Lucy Cousins? — Maisy
  15. In what book did Arthur Dent meet a reporter from a distant galaxy? — The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  16. Who, after the death of the pilot, survived in the wilderness of Canada with just a small axe? — Brian Robeson
  17. Who was the chief Roman god? — Jupiter
  18. What was the name of Marlin's son, the widowed clownfish, who lived on the Great Barrier Reef? — Nemo
  19. Who is the most famous female student in Gryffindor House? — Hermione Granger
  20. Whose father was the Great Prince of the Forest and his best friend was Thumper? — Bambi

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