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Practice Questions and Answers (2012)

  1. How many heads did the monstrous watchdog of the underworld have? — Three
  2. Which X-Man character was also known as Logan? — Wolverine
  3. What was the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? — Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
  4. Who was the giant ground-keeper at Hogwart’s School? — Hagrid
  5. In which big European city did Madeline live? — Paris
  6. Who was the 12 year-old boy from a coal mining family that had a passion for dancing? — Billy Elliot
  7. Who split his soul into horcruxes? — Voldemort
  8. Who was sometimes known as Padfoot in the Harry Potter series? — Sirius Black (the answer "Harry Potter's godfather" would be accepted)
  9. What is the real name of Judy Moody’s brother Stink Moody? — James
  10. What two animals are mentioned in the familiar English sentence that uses all the letters of the alphabet? — Fox and dog
  11. In what series of books do you read about a copy machine, The PATSY2000 that brings the images it prints to life? — Captain Underpants [and the Attack of the Talking Toilets]
  12. Which one of his grand-daughters did Roald Dahl use in a book? — Sophie
  13. Whose arch-enemy is Green Goblin? — Spiderman
  14. Who is the evil Smurf wizard? — Gargamel
  15. Which children’s author has written a sequel titled Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again? — Frank Cottrell Boyce
  16. In what country can a tourist see a bronze statue of Tintin and Snowy? — Belgium
  17. Who tried to avoid the terrible Cheese Touch from a mouldy piece of cheese that had been sitting on the basketball court since spring? — Greg Heffley (the answer "the Wimpy Kid" would be accepted)
  18. In Time Riders Liam had no time to acquire the background on historical events because what country has successfully conquered United States of America? — Germany
  19. Who has a sister called Apple Dumplin and a cat called Custard? — Strawberry Shortcake
  20. According to the Green Lantern what colour was the strongest source of energy on the planet? — Green

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