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Practice Questions and Answers (2013)

  1. Name the two Hogwart’s headmasters — Dumbledore and Snape
  2. Who was the close horse companion of Joey in The Warhorse by Michael Morpurgo? — Topthorn
  3. Who was the name the girl that lived with her godfather and assisted him at his platform shop? Hugo met her in The Invention of Hugo Cabret. — Isabelle
  4. Why did Katniss volunteer for The Hunger Games? — In order to save her younger sister Prim from competing
  5. How is the game of Pooh sticks played? — By dropping stick from a bridge onto running water. The one whose stick appears first on the downside of the bridge is the winner
  6. Which country publishes a monthly magazine/comic titled Tinkle and is targeted at school aged children? — India
  7. Who was the half brother of Loki and member of The Avengers that Loki wanted to hurt? — Thor
  8. What is the name of the lad with a ginger quiff who roved the world as a reporter? — Tintin
  9. Polly put the kettle on but who took it off? — Sukey [accept Susan]
  10. Who has friends called Linus, Peppermint Patty and Snoopy? — Charlie Brown
  11. In Dead End in Norvelt who had the town of Norvelt been named after? — Eleanor Roosevelt
  12. Who was the king that had a round table which made everyone feel equal? — King Arthur
  13. Mr Popper loved penguins but what was his occupation? — A painter
  14. What animal was the ball in Alice in Wonderland’s game of croquet? — Hedgehog
  15. Why was the mongrel dog in One Boy and his Dog called Fleck? — The dog had odd eyes
  16. Who is the superhero that wears the American flag? — Captain America
  17. Who wanted to be the fairest one in all the land? — The queen in Snow White
  18. What is Captain Haddock’s first name? — Archibald
  19. Who wore a coonskin hat? — Davy Crockett
  20. What type of tree was the partridge sitting in on the first day of Christmas? — Pear tree

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