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Practice Questions and Answers (2014)

  1. Annabeth is the daughter of which Greek goddess? — Athena
  2. Who would demand retaliation for any minor crime committed by a passing traveller such as picking a rose? — The Beast
  3. The book Small Steps introduced the readers to which two characters from Holes: Zero, X-Ray, Armpit or Stanley? — Armpit and X-Ray
  4. Which fictional primate was known as ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World’? — King Kong
  5. Characters from which book literally jump out of the pages? — Inkheart
  6. Who ordered all of the spindles in his kingdom to be burnt? — Sleeping Beauty’s father
  7. Who was the American boy that supposedly had the reputation of never telling a lie? — George Washington
  8. What type of creature was a Psammead? — Sand fairy
  9. What is special about this sentence: Never odd or even? — It’s a palindrome - reads the same both ways
  10. What word in English is the most common spoken word? — The
  11. What is a cliché? — A well-worn expression or phrase e.g. ‘the time of my life’ is a cliché
  12. How many players in a Quidditch team? — Seven
  13. Oliver Jeffers has written a picture book about the Hueys. They were all the same and there were lots of them and they all thought alike until one day when Rupert knitted a what coloured jumper? — Orange
  14. Who is the Norse god of thunder? — Thor
  15. What creature knew that he had stolen a hat in the 2013 Caldecott Medal and also the 2014 Kate Greenaway Medal winning book This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen? — Fish
  16. Why were the blackouts in The City of Ember getting worse? — Because the generators were old and worn
  17. What followed Mary to school one day? — A lamb
  18. How was the bully, Steve Kosgrov, in I Funny by James Patterson related to Jamie Grimm? — Step-brother
  19. Who was late for an important date? — The White Rabbit
  20. Which teenager in Alpha Force was diabetic: Amber, Alex, Hex, Li or Paulo? — Amber

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