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Practice Questions and Answers (2015)

  1. Whose nickname as a student was Padfoot? — Sirius Black
  2. What colour was the highly sought after and prized Arkenstone? — White
  3. Erasers are wolf-like creatures that go after children in what book? — Maximum Ride (accept The Angel Experiment)
  4. Who was the sparkly fish that gave away his scales? — Rainbow Fish
  5. What bird’s singing, according to Hans Christian Andersen, brought tears to the Chinese Emperor’s heart? — The Nightingale
  6. Who is Geronimo Stilton’s sister, the one that loves traveling and having adventures around the world? — Thea
  7. Where in space did four children land and leave a ‘Hello Dad!’ message in Frank Cottrell’s Boyce’s book Cosmic? — The Moon
  8. What day of the week did Thor give his name to? — Thursday
  9. What country forced its citizens to sign a Treaty of Treason? — Panem
  10. Who was the television-obsessed boy that visited Mr Wonka’s factory? — Mike Teevee
  11. Who owned a long Elvish dagger called Sting? — Bilbo Baggins
  12. What famous playwright was born in Stratford-upon-Avon? — Shakespeare
  13. What are Japanese pocket monsters called? — Pokemon
  14. In Goth Girl, by Chris Riddell, some rare creatures were saved from an animal hunt by making copies of them from what material? — Ice
  15. Where do leprechauns hide their gold? — At the end of rainbows
  16. What type of meat does a troll like best? — Goat
  17. What was Matilda’s favourite school subject? — Reading
  18. Who spoke the words: ‘O, Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo’? — Juliet
  19. The repetition of two or more words with the same letter is known as what? — Alliteration
  20. The Disney movie Frozen was based on what story by Hans Christian Andersen? The Snow Queen

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