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Practice Questions and Answers (2018)

  1. What was Hermione Granger's middle name? — Jean
  2. What name was given to the small cylindrical creatures with either one or two eyes? — Minions
  3. In Bill Martin's picture book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?, what coloured bird was the first animal seen by Brown Bear? — Red
  4. Who was the man who looked after lots of penguins in his home? — Mr Popper
  5. What animal swore that one day he would kill Mowgli? — Shere Khan
  6. The very first Roald Dahl book illustrated by Quentin Blake in 1978 was about a crocodile. What was it called? The Enormous Crocodile
  7. When Magnus Chase visited his own dead body what weapon was he looking for? — A sword [accept The Sword of Summer]
  8. Who was the boy who raged against getting sent to bed early that he then fantasised his bedroom changing into a forest? — Max
  9. What animal confronted the Gruffalo? — Mouse
  10. Which one of the Seven Dwarves is the only one whose name is not an adjective? — Doc
  11. What is Marvel character Dr Strange's first name? — Stephen
  12. Who vaporised his maths teacher while on a field trip at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? — Percy Jackson
  13. When a person uses words to produce a meaning that is opposite to the literal meaning such as, if they'd said to a plain-looking person, "you're looking very attractive", it is called what? — Irony or Sarcasm
  14. What stuffing was used inside the little boy's beloved Velveteen Rabbit? — Sawdust
  15. According to Isaiah in the book Word of Mouse what (4-letter word) is the worst sound a mouse can ever hear? — Snap
  16. Which Greek god is the supreme ruler? — Zeus
  17. What name is given to the place where literary works are kept? — Library
  18. Who sometimes called her best friend Seaweed Brain? — Annabeth
  19. Who was the charming pig from The Muppets? — Miss Piggy
  20. What comic character is known as The Blue Blur? — Sonic the Hedgehog

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