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Practice Questions and Answers (2019)

  1. Who spoke the words, ‘curiouser and curiouser!’? — Alice
  2. Who was the sadistic and mad witch that caused chaos in the Harry Potter series? — Bellatrix Lestrange
  3. Who opened an unlabelled container out of which poured many evils? — Pandora
  4. In what book was an automaton able to write the name of the famous French filmmaker Georges Melies? — The Invention of Hugo Cabret
  5. Who was the girl who owned a treasured umbrella which had a tiny opal bird on the tip of the umbrella and a filigree handle? — Morrigan Crow
  6. Who, when laid on a stone table, cracked it in two? — Aslan
  7. What creature at the Christmas holiday resort really freaked Greg Heffley out in The Getaway? — Spider
  8. What superhero is a web slinger? — Spiderman
  9. How many books in total in The Series of Unfortunate Events? — 13
  10. What animal goes pop? — Weasel
  11. Which fictional planet was Luke Skywalker from? — Tatooine
  12. MacKenzie Hollister is the most popular girl in what book series? — The Dork Diaries
  13. What supervillain acquired universal powers by means of infinity gems? — Thanos
  14. What bear is smarter than your average bear? — Yogi
  15. Who wrote Nelson Mandela’s autobiography Long Walk to Freedom? — Nelson Mandela [accept himself]
  16. What creature told the kids to make the Cat-in-the Hat go away? — Fish [accept goldfish]
  17. Who lived in a cramped little bedroom under the stairs? — Harry Potter
  18. What was Dr Watson’s first name? — John
  19. Who is the wife of the Roman god Jupiter? — Juno
  20. What type of book has one page for every day of the year? — Diary

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