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Practice Questions and Answers (2021)

  1. Who is the big huggable giant in the Harry Potter series? — Hagrid
  2. How many labours did Heracles have to perform? — Twelve (12)
  3. Amelia Bedelia would often misunderstand tasks. What was her job? — Maid/Servant
  4. Who guarded the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room? — The Fat Lady
  5. How did the kids learn about the Mysterious Benedict Society? — From an advertisement in the newspaper
  6. The scarab beetle was an important symbol in what ancient culture? — Egyptian
  7. What is the name of Mickey Mouse’s dog? — Pluto
  8. Which boy’s mother (his name is in the title) won a complete set of Burrell’s Build-It-at-Home encyclopedias? He pored over every edition — Lenny (also accept Davey) [Lenny’s Book of Everything]
  9. What fictional Marvel superhero magician wore a cloak? — Dr Strange
  10. Who caused three bears a great deal of grief? — Goldilocks
  11. What was Dogman’s occupation? — Policeman (accept Cop)
  12. Who was Max Einstein’s hero in a book by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein? — Albert Einstein
  13. The Grisha are people with abilities to control the elements. What author created the Grishaverse? — Leigh Bardugo
  14. Who killed Macbeth? — Macduff
  15. What group of people in Middle Earth had hairy feet? — Hobbits
  16. What happened to Bruno Jenkins in the book The Witches? — He was turned into a mouse
  17. Who carved Pinocchio from wood? — Geppetto
  18. What animal appears on the crest of Slytherin? — Snake
  19. Luke Skywalker was trained by Yoda and who else? — Obi-Wan
  20. What name is given to a word formed from the same letters as another word, for example search from the word chaser? — Anagram

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