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1st: Manning Valley Anglican College, Team 1
2nd: MacKillop College, Port Macquarie, Team 1
3rd: MacKillop College, Team 3

Friday 12th August, 12am

NSW State Library, Corner of Macquarie Street and Shakespeare Place, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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Practice Questions

2007 Questions and Answers

  1. What animal scared away hungry animals when he told them about a terrifying Gruffalo? Mouse
  2. Who was the Deputy Head at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Minerva McGonagall
  3. Who had a teacher called Miss Honey? Matilda
  4. Who was the American author who wrote Hop on Pop and Horton Hatches the Egg? Dr Seuss
  5. Who was the vegetarian and animal rights activist who suddenly found herself as the Royal Highness of Genovia? Mia Thermopolis
  6. Because his parents and uncle were dead Jack Starbright was asked to look after whom? Alex Rider
  7. Who pretended that her mother was a famous Hollywood movie star in a series by Jacqueline Wilson? Tracy Beaker
  8. Whose uncle was the first to see a beautiful blue polished stone that he had found while hunting in the Spine in the land of Alagaesia? Eragon
  9. Who disobeyed his mother by going into Mr McGregor's garden? Peter Rabbit
  10. Who had a mother called Mrs Coulter? Lyra
  11. In what book did Jim Hawkins find documents and a map for a fabulous treasure that belonged to the infamous pirate Captain Flint? Treasure Island
  12. Who made tarts all on a summer's day? The Queen of Hearts
  13. What famous group does Professor Charles Xavier look after? The X-Men
  14. Who is the popular young adventurous preschool mouse created by Lucy Cousins? Maisy
  15. In what book did Arthur Dent meet a reporter from a distant galaxy? The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  16. Who, after the death of the pilot, survived in the wilderness of Canada with just a small axe? Brian Robeson
  17. Who was the chief Roman god? Jupiter
  18. What was the name of Marlin's son, the widowed clownfish, who lived on the Great Barrier Reef? Nemo
  19. Who is the most famous female student in Gryffindor House? Hermione Granger
  20. Whose father was the Great Prince of the Forest and his best friend was Thumper?Bambi

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