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1st: Churchill Road Elementary School (USA)
2nd: Palmerston North Normal Intermediate School (New Zealand)
3rd: St John's College (South Africa)

Wednesday 30th October, 11am

Glasgow High School, 637 Crow Rd, Glasgow G13 1PL

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Practice Questions

2010 Questions and Answers

  1. If a trilogy means three novels what is the word for four related books? Quartet
  2. What type of powder was used by wizards to travel using fireplaces? Floo
  3. What boy discovered that he was the modern day son of the Greek god Poseidon? Percy Jackson
  4. What is the name of the dog that lived with Wallace the inventor? Gromit
  5. Who was the tortured vampire that knew he shouldnâ™t love a human girl? Edward
  6. Who popped down a large rabbit hole under a hedge in 1865? Alice
  7. What mouse featured in a story about a princess, some soup and a spool of thread? Despereaux
  8. Who had two nasty aunts called Spiker and Sponge? James (from James and the Giant Peach)
  9. What form of aerial transport does a witch favour? Broom (sticks)
  10. What does this abbreviation mean when applied to childrenâ™s literature: YA? Young Adult
  11. What author was awarded the first ever posthumous Carnegie Medal in 2009 for her novel Bog Child? Siobhan Dowd
  12. What name did Mary Norton give to the little people that lived furtively beneath the floorboards of peopleâ™s houses? The Borrowers
  13. A modern day classic book is The Cay by Theodore Taylor. What is a cay? A small island
  14. Who offered to fetch the princessâ™s golden ball from the pond? A frog
  15. What was Sinbadâ™s occupation? Sailor
  16. The Nac Mac Feegles are small fairy folk covered with tattoos. They are better known as what men in Terry Pratchettâ™s novels? Wee Free Men
  17. Queen Lillian and King Harold are the parents of which princess? Princess Fiona
  18. What famous farmer had a farm E-I-E-I-O? Old MacDonald
  19. What colour was Beegu the small alien stranded on Earth? Yellow
  20. What type of animal accompanied Postman Pat when he delivered the mail?Cat

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