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LATEST RESULT: Auckland Heat (NZ)
1st: St Peter’s College
2nd: Howick Intermediate, Team 1
3rd: Kohia Tce, Team 1

Monday 3rd June, 11am

NSW State Library, Corner of Macquarie Street and Shakespeare Place, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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Kids Say (In Their Own Words)

  • Challenging but fun. I've read a million books but you always ask the questions on the 10 I haven't read!
  • The kids' lit quiz is amazing. It's a brilliant experience and is really fun. I will never forget it.
  • A great experience. Like nothing I have ever done before
  • I've been twice. It gets better each time
  • I love it. I've been looking forward to it for ages and it's brilliant. Very hard but good.
  • Winning the books was the best part.
  • I thought it was really good and the questions were really hard but we kept trying but didn't win.
  • It's very fun and I love looking at all the different posters for books and meeting different Authors.
  • We really really enjoy it (we were here last year too). It would be great if there was another one for y9 & y10 so we could keep taking part. Thanks.
  • Very interesting. Learn lots of things. Find out about good books. Well organised. Good points system.
  • I enjoyed seeing our scores on the board and hearing the answers to the questions we didn't know.
  • The quiz is really good. Thanks for letting us win the first round and giving us free books!
  • Good crack. Fun.
  • It's great. It's very brain-stimulating. And you get to win cash!
  • This is a really good quiz. It should continue. Very hard questions but fun!
  • Very enjoyable. Lots of good questions to make you go eh?
  • Fun, fun fun FUN! Like the money questions!
  • Good fun. Much better than school. Gets you interested in more books and enjoyably competitive.
  • Really fun.
  • A really great way to express how you feel about reading. Exciting and fun. We like the audience participation parts.
  • The Kids' Lit Quiz was an exciting, enjoyable afternoon as it gave me a chance to use knowledge that most of the time we wouldn't use from reading books, plus it makes you more enthusiastic about reading. I also had the chance to meet authors at the events.
  • The Kids' Lit Quiz was very fun and is a great way to test your book knowledge. It was a brilliant day out.
  • The thing I enjoyed most was using my brain to try and answer all the questions.
  • It was really fun and we even won some free books.
  • What I enjoyed most was taking part. I liked the questions and being with people was fun.
  • I enjoyed the KLQ. It was great learning more about books and having the chance to test my knowledge. There were some great prizes for winning rounds.
  • It gave me a great chance to talk to other people who love reading. It was really good to swap book knowledge with other people of my age. I got loads of great recommendations for other books that I know I will love.
  • I would definitely recommend going to watch or take part because it was great fun.

Many Thumbs Up (from the 2015 World Final)