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1st: ACS Jakarta (Indonesia)
2nd: Canberra Grammar School (Australia)
3rd: St John's Boys' College (South Africa)
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Friday 14th March, 10am

Harrow International School, Don Mueang District, Bangkok 10210, Thailand

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Practice Questions

2024 Questions

  1. What small blue humanoid characters live in mushroom-shaped houses?
  2. What Scholastic graphic novel series is about dragons fulfilling prophecies?
  3. The Seeker who catches the Golden Snitch earns his team how many points?
  4. Which superhero is so fast that not only can he travel through time but also through different dimensions?
  5. What name is given to the folding of a page of a book in a triangular fashion to mark one’s place?
  6. The Silver Arrow by Lev Grossman carried what type of passengers?
  7. What is the only bird in the Chinese zodiac?
  8. What nursery rhyme is about an egg?
  9. What type of sweet did Jake McQuade eat that instantly made him into the smartest kid in the universe?
  10. What was the collective name for the workers who helped Mr Willy Wonka operate his chocolate factory?
  11. What colour is Yoda’s skin?
  12. When October found Stig all alone on the forest floor she decided to look after it. What type of bird was it? [Book by Katya Balen]
  13. What colour is the colour of life in The Keeper of the Lost Cities series?
  14. What food did Hansel drop so that he could follow the path home?
  15. The book I Must Betray You is set in what European country?
  16. Who is the girl that looks after Clifford the big red dog?
  17. What type of bird was Pigwidgeon?
  18. Cece Bell has hearing loss and she adopts the nickname El what?
  19. The I Survived series by Lauren Tarshis describes the Twin Towers terrorist attack which occurred in what month in the year 2001?
  20. Who is the main character in the book The Hobbit?

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