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LATEST RESULT: National Final (USA)
1st: Cooper Middle School Virginia
2nd: Sedgwick Middle School
3rd: King Philip Middle School

Wednesday 8th February, 2.30 pm

St John's College, Johannesburg

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Practice Questions

2015 Questions

  1. Whose nickname as a student was Padfoot?
  2. What colour was the highly sought after and prized Arkenstone?
  3. Erasers are wolf-like creatures that go after children in what book?
  4. Who was the sparkly fish that gave away his scales?
  5. What bird’s singing, according to Hans Christian Andersen, brought tears to the Chinese Emperor’s heart?
  6. Who is Geronimo Stilton’s sister, the one that loves traveling and having adventures around the world?
  7. Where in space did four children land and leave a ‘Hello Dad!’ message in Frank Cottrell’s Boyce’s book Cosmic?
  8. What day of the week did Thor give his name to?
  9. What country forced its citizens to sign a Treaty of Treason?
  10. Who was the television-obsessed boy that visited Mr Wonka’s factory?
  11. Who owned a long Elvish dagger called Sting?
  12. What famous playwright was born in Stratford-upon-Avon?
  13. What are Japanese pocket monsters called?
  14. In Goth Girl, by Chris Riddell, some rare creatures were saved from an animal hunt by making copies of them from what material?
  15. Where do leprechauns hide their gold?
  16. What type of meat does a troll like best?
  17. What was Matilda’s favourite school subject?
  18. Who spoke the words: ‘O, Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo’?
  19. The repetition of two or more words with the same letter is known as what?
  20. The Disney movie Frozen was based on what story by Hans Christian Andersen?

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